Hi there!

I’m a working mom raising two daughters.

Originally, I was a car engineering designer who was deeply fascinated by product design and materials. Thus, when I became a mom, it was impossible for me to let my children use products made of plastic.

So, after many years of brainstorming and researching a material that would be durable, beautiful, and safe enough for my family, I made LOSAND. I designed LOSAND for people like me who want their products to not only last a lifetime but that constantly give them a reason to say “this was a good choice”.

Of course, my products are not 100% perfect nor are they 100% eco-friendly, but I do know that they are made from the most durable, safe, and beautiful materials.

If my designs appeal to you in any way, I sincerely hope you’ll give them a shot. I guarantee you’ll love them!


CEO. Sue

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