LOSAND = Land Of Sand

Inspired by the infinite imagination of a child playing with sand,
LOSAND chose silicon, a natural by product of sand,
to create our various products.

Like the beauty of a sandcastle, our products are produced
with a simple, sophisticated design structure
that will not only look beautiful but will
maximize your convenience for year to come.



  • Material story

    Just as food has ratings for quality and safety, so does silicone.
    Even if you had a prejudice against other silicon products in the past for reasons such as stickiness, oiliness, staining, or floppiness.
    I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised by LOSAND products.

  • Product story

    LOSAND products undergo a unique second curing process where they are 'baked' for four hours at 200 degrees Celsius.

    This process removes impurities and pollutants in our products that occur naturally during production, differentiating them from products that are quickly mass-produced with poor quality materials and craftsmanship.

  • Sustainable story

    These days, you will see terms such as 'no plastic', 'reusable', and 'reduced carbon footprint' all under the umbrella of an eco-friendly product. However, LOSAND belives in another term:
    'The right one'
    Rather than mass-producing trendy and cheap products, we strive for a better, waste-free world where we only produce 'the right one' that is built to last.

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